Part No. KPB050BK
Warranty:2 years


Product Brief
This 5000mAh dual port USB power bank charger will charge your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet on the go, anywhere, anytime. Its elegant soft touch feel and compact design make it the perfect companion to any mobile phone or tablet. Pop it in your pocket, brief case, hand bag, back pack or school bag and never run out of battery again.

• Suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphone, tablet, camera, fitness tracker, smartwatch, portable gaming or Bluetooth device
• Compatible with most smartphones and tablets including Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, Huawei
  Nexus, Xiaomi, Oppo, BlackBerry, Telstra & more
• 5000mAh provides 180% extra battery for an iPhone 6s or 125% for a Samsung Galaxy S6
• Get an extra 25 hours of talk time on an iPhone 6s or 21 hours on a Samsung Galaxy S6
• Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices
• 2A high output for fast charging of iPad or tablet
• Rechargeable more than 500 times
• Four LED indicators to show remaining capacity
• Built-in over charging and short circuit protection
• Includes 30cm micro USB charging cable
• Watt Hour Rating: 18.5Wh
• Input: DC5V 2A
• Output 1: DC5V 2A
• Output 2: DC5V 2A
• Total Shared Output: DC5V 2A, 10W
• Certifications: RCM, RoHS, UN38.3, CE, FCC




Q: What size Power Bank can I take on a plane?
A: Power Banks have to be taken as cabin or hand luggage and cannot be packed in checked luggage under any circumstances. With carry on or hand luggage you should always check with your airline before you get to the airport as individual rules vary. Usually most airlines allow Power Banks up to a size of 100 Watt Hours which equates to an advertised battery size of around 28,000 mAh

Q: How long does it take to charge my phone?
A: This varies from phone to phone and also depends on which output your Power Bank has. Using a cable is normally faster than charging wirelessly, and using a USB-C cable is also normally faster than using a USB-A cable. If your Power Bank has more than one output port, using multiple ports to charge will slow down the time to charge your device

Q: I've just bought my Power Bank but the battery is low, is this normal?
A: Yes, Power Banks cannot be shipped from the supplier fully charged, it will also be many months since your Power Bank was last charged. So when you first purchase your Power Bank it is recommended to charge it overnight using the cable provided and plugged in to a dedicated Wall Charger. Do not try to recharge your Power Bank using a USB port from a computer or Docking Station

Q: The cable in the box doesn't fit my phone, is that normal?
A: The cable in the box is specifically designed for charging the Power Bank via an existing Wall Charger. Sometimes this cable will also fit your phone so you can use it to both charge the Power Bank and charge your device. But if the charge cable in the box is for instance a USB-C and you have an iPhone that charges with a Lightning Connector then you will need to use your existing cable to charge the device

Q: Can I charge my Power Bank and use it to charge a device at the same time?
A: Most Power Banks do not have a Power Pass through function so generally no. If your Power Bank does support Power Pass through it is possible to charge both the Power Bank and a device at the same time but it is still not recommended to protect the longer term health of the battery