Klik 20cm Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI 4K2K Adapter



Product Brief
The 4K2K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter lets you connect a 4K Ultra HD display or 4K Ultra HD TV equipped with an HDMI connector to a Mac or Ultrabook equipped with a Mini DisplayPort connector. Being a fully digital adapter, there is no loss of signal so you can enjoy pure, crisp digital video at its best.

• Compatible with Mac computers with Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt ports
• Will work with Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt ports on Apple equipment
• Suitable for Ultrabooks equipped with a Mini DisplayPort connector
• Convert from Mini DisplayPort to 4K2K HDMI
• 20 Pin Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female
• Supports all the latest 4K Ultra HD displays with resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @30Hz 
• Supports HDMI 1.4 to display 4K @30Hz
• Use an external display in either extended desktop mode or mirrored desktop mode
• Supports audio output *
• Corrosion-resistant connectors designed for maximum conductivity and low signal loss

* Multichannel audio output from Mini DisplayPort supported on Macs released mid 2010 and later
* Host DisplayPort device must output audio signal. Check with host DisplayPort vendor